Mission Golden Bird

What is Golden Bird?

The Golden Sparrow that India was…

India, the land of dreams, fabulous wealth, minerals & mines, palaces & jewels, flora & fauna, with antiquities of which rest of world under the sun had been be envious of. India from Himalayas to Ayurveda, from Kamasutra to Spirituality, Taxashila to Chanakya’s Kautilya….had it all. India, a classic Country of pride and envy for other Countries in the World. India flourished in the Gupta Empire, (320-650 AD ). This period has been called the Golden Age of India and was marked by extensive achievements in science, technology, engineering, art, literature, mathematics, astronomy, religion, and philosophy that crystallized the elements of what is generally known as the Hindu culture.

During ancient times Hindus were the masters of the seaborne trade of Europe, Asia and Africa. Almost every nation on earth obtained to a large extent its supplies of fine cotton and silk fabric, spices, indigo, sugar, drugs, precious stones and many curious works of art from India in exchange of gold ( sona ) and silver . This traditional prosperity of India was nicknamed as “Golden Sparrow”, Golden Bird or “Sone Ki Chidiya”. India was referred to a Sparrow as the Country was as sublime and joyful as a sparrow. Also most importantly India was harmless and non violent Country, hence the comparison to a sparrow.

From Alexander & Greeks to General Dyer all looted, battered, bruised and abandoned to die in its internal battles of religions and greed. Alas ! the shine and sheen of glorious India became a matter of past and forgotten history.

India was the world’s largest economy in AD 1500 with a whopping 24.5% share of the Global Trade. In 2016 India has reached only up to 1.9% of the Global Trade share through Exports.

What is “Mission Golden Bird”

Times have changed and so has India. Indian economy also needs a metamorphosis to suit today’s times. Indians have the knack of doing business, undoubtedly. Indians are inherently traders with sharp business acumen. If India could have a glorious past, we can collectively strive to bring the “Golden Days” back in India.

“Mission Golden Bird” is all about working towards the love for our Country. This is our least of patriotism, allegiance, loyalty towards our country to bring in “Sone ki Chidiya” days back. Of course ‘Sone ki Chidiya is a little too much to expect in today’s times, but strive to bring in more & more foreign exchange in the Country, earn in foreign currency and improve our economic situation. From International Trade deficit situation we must transform into Trade surplus economic state for India.
We have undertaken an expedition to create more and more business entrepreneurs to start export businesses of their own. We have a goal, a mission, a business calling, sole pursuit to convert today’s youth into successful Exporters.
We are passionate about bringing the “richness” of India back into India, under the Indian control. We desire to make our Country once again proud, once again competent, and once again glorious.

This mission is for the Economic Growth of a Country.
This mission is for one’s person growth and prosperity
This mission is for Society’s growth into better living

This mission of ours has made our Company work towards being a “One stop Solution to Export Import Services” – We have all possible services to facilitate Exports, and entrepreneurs who are Export enthusiasts.

Why Only Exports ?

Exports strengthen a Country’s economy. Wealth of a nation increases with earnings in Foreign Exchange. Globalization exponentially increases the GDP of a Country. Exports bring in better purchasing power. Exporting also enhances manufacturing thus increasing employment opportunities. Export balances Trade, wherein currently India is into Trade deficit. That means India imports more in value than its exports.

Exports bring in opportunities for Infrastructure development and invited foreign Direct Investments.

Exports bring in more profits with minimizing seasonal sales.

Export brings in World Recognition for India with greater & faster progress towards a developed Nation.

Strengths of India for Exports

India has trade running through the blood of its citizens right from the times of its “Golden Age” since 320 AD.
With 65% of “young” population we have better chances of an “Exporting Revolution”.
India extends great incentives and benefits for Exporting.
Exporters are free from paying taxes too.
Indians are better skills for production, manufacturing and assembling.
India, as a Country has world class leaders who have initiated great opportunities like “make in India”, “Skill India” and “Start Up India”, “Digital India” and various others.

India, for sure, has an edge to once again bring the Golden Bird days Back.

Objectives of Mission Golden Bird
  • To generate interest and remove fears of Exports from peoples’ minds
  • To facilitate Export enthusiast with all services of Export
  • To guide and mentor candidates desirous towards exports
  • To bring in Foreign currency to our Country
  • To bring the “Golden Bird Days” back in India
Services We Provide Under “Mission Golden Bird”

One Stop Solution to Export – Import Services

1. Training & Development
a. Program in Export & Import Management
b. Program in Shipping & Logistics Management
c. Corporte Training in Foreign Trade

2. Project Pragati – Export

3. Project Udaan – International Trade Tours
a. Visit Gulfood 2017, Dubai - Feb 2017 Minimum Six such Trade Tours in a Year

4. Project Khoj – Export Import Research & Consultancy
a. Product & Market Research
b. Export Import Documentation & Consultancy Services
c. Health Check-up for an existing Export Import Organization

5. Project Setu – Export Import Trade Website with DBMS

Who Can Join Mission Golden Bird ?
  • Any Indian who is passionate to bring in the glory back to India
  • Any individual who is desirous of business to earn in foreign currency
  • Anyone who wants to venture into accountable income
  • Any Businessman who wants to diversify into better profits and wider markets
  • Any young enthusiast who wants to bring in entrepreneurship into traditional or family business
  • Any adult from any walk of life, any individual who is passionate of doing something different
  • Any person who is between the age group of 18 to 80 years.
  • Any person who is proud of India
  • Anyone who helps us to convert this mission into a “Movement”
How can one contribute towards Mission Golden Bird?
  • By way of arranging seminars and “Export Awareness Yatra” in
  • Trade Associations, Corporate, Colleges, Educational Institutions,
  • Clubs and Cultural Association
  • Entrepreneur Meets and Business Associations like, Chamber of Commerce,
  • Youth Festivals and Expos for Start-Ups
  • Shipping & Logistics Companies
  • International Visa Consultants
  • Women Entrepreneurs Associtions / Sub groups
  • Companies involved into direct or indirect Export Activities like Licensing, Export Brokers
  • By spreading the word across literate and lesser educated through NGOs working on Community upliftment or Social Awareness Programs
  • Home industries in Villages ( Gruh Udyog )